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French leader in design, manufacturing and set-up of jigs and tools for more than 48 years, Mécanyvois is renowned for its know-how.

Mécanyvois’ achievements, they are solutions, from the simplest to the boldest. A careful listening, a suited know-how to every type of constraints.

Our flexibility allows us to be solicited in many industries: aeronautic, automotive, railway, steel industry, food industry …

Marc Bielous

Chairman of Mécanyvois SAS

Mécanyvois in the World

Mécanyvois: Since nearly 50 years, the mechanical expertise for the industry


The company Mécanyvois was founded in 1966. This Limited Company based in the Ardennes is specialized in design and manufacturing of specialized machines and aeronautical toolings, as well as high dimensions machining.

2014: Set-up of 2 commercial offices in Saint-Nazaire and Montreal.

Mécanyvois stands with its customers, at the closest of their needs and ready to answer them.


March 2015: Creation of Mécanyvois Maroc in Casablanca

Mécanyvois chose this location in order to follow one of its historical customer Stelia, as well as Bombardier.


April 2017 : Creation of Mécanyvois Atlantique.

> Opening of a design office in Saint Nazaire – Gron


June 2017 : Creation of Mécanyvois Montage.

> A mobile team dedicated to on-site assembly around the world.


January 2019 : Creation of Mécanyvois Sud-Ouest.

> Opening of a commercial office in Pau to enhance proximity with its South Ouest of France customers.


January 2019 :Extension of Mécanyvois Tunisie

> New surface of 1 500 m2 with installation of a high dimensions CNC machine unique in Tunisia.


January 2020 : Creation of Mecanyvois Portugal

> Opening of a new “best cost” production site


November 2020 :Creation of Mecanyvois Canada

> Opening of a commercial office in Montreal to support our historical customers and develop the North American market

Production site: 4500m2

Production site: 1000m2


Santo Tirso//PORTUGAL







Production site: 5000 m2

Production site: 2400 m2

Production site: 1500 m2

Commercial office

Commercial office

Design office

Close to our customers, mechanical solutions in hand


Founded in the Ardennes, Mécanyvois grew internationally to be in direct connection with all the big aeronautical hubs and work as a direct partner with its customers.


To be reactive and available in order to bring the best answers to each needs.

Our international customers, with aeronautics in the lead:

Airbus, Stelia, Embraer, Bombardier, Dassault Aviation, PSA, Renault, ArcelorMittal …




1966: Foundation of Mécanyvois in Carignan (Ardennes).


2008: Acquisition of the company De L’Hamaide in Bazeilles (Ardennes), founded in 1926 and specialized in welded structures high dimensions and boiler making.

Strong with this merger, Mécanyvois Group extends its expertise in order to realize wider projects: assembly lines, flexible workshops…

Complementing each other, Mécanyvois and De L’Hamaide are involved from the pre-design phase to the final delivery key in hand, first utilization assistance included.


2009: Creation of its subsidiary Mécanyvois Tunisie in Tunis.

Main partner of Aerolia Tunisie, this “low cost” production site is specialized in design and manufacturing of aeronautical tooling.

  • Design and manufacturing of specialized machines, automotive and aeronautical tooling
  • Design and manufacturing of welded structures
  • Precision mechanic
  • High dimensions machining
  • Stamping, stretching, molding tools
  • Industrial transfer of assembly lines

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Technologic high-end



Combining know-how, experience and flexibility, Mécanyvois knows how to meet the most demanding requests, whatever the required capacities, the size of the project and the customer to satisfy.


Mécanyvois Group as today, it is:

  • 8
  • 130
  • 3
    design offices of 22 persons
  • 22
    million Euros of turnover
  • 15000
    square meters of workshops